Preparation for Your Theory Test

Do Your Homework!
Study the following:

To help revise computer CDís are available which include training for theory and Hazard Perceptions skills. The Theory and Hazard Perception Skills are available in book form. We can supply all the necessary books and CDís on request. Your success will come when you take no chances and have a constant high standard before you apply for your test.

You will not be asked any surprising questions. All the necessary information is in the study helps.

About the Theory Test

The test has two parts:

  1. Multiple Choice Theory Questions.
  2. Hazard Perception Test.

You can practise with the touch screen computer for 15 minutes to relax you and get you prepared for the test.

Multiple Choice Theory Questions.

This is the first part of your test and lasts for a maximum of 40 minutes. During this time period you answer 35 multiple choice questions. You must get a minimum of 30 questions correct. Studying will prepare you well for the test and will equip you to apply your knowledge on the road during your drivers training. Theory knowledge and driving skills are inseparable for a successful journey on the road.

Hazard Perception Test

You have up to 3 minutes to relax before this part of your test. You will then be given a tutorial so you know for sure how this part works. 14 video clips which each last about 1 minute. During each clip you are to watch for developing hazards. The earlier you spot the developing hazard the higher your score. Look and anticipate problems with pedestrians, vehicles, road conditions and animals. One clip will have 2 scoring hazards, giving you a total of 15 hazards to look for. Clicking on none scoring hazards is fine, you will not be penalised for this. However you must remember to click when you perceive a hazard AND NOT many times too quickly or rhythmically as the computer will score you zero for the clip and move you onto the next.

Lazer tip
Ask What if
or what might happen next
as you drive.


5 points can be scored for each clip, 10 for the clip with 2 developing hazards. You must get at least 44 out of 75 points to pass.

Your pass certificate will be given on passing both parts. Failing either part forces you to take the whole 2-part test again.